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LED Edge Lit Door Panels


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Clockwork 1
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I made a mod for Trident. Edge lit door panels. These are laser etched cast acrylic door panels that are lit using addressable RGB LED strips available on Amazon. I posted these on Printables at:

Please excuse the dust, debris, scratches and fingerprints all over these. I've been taking them on and off and messing around with different parts for months. Also, the design is just something I whipped up in like 10 minutes to test the idea, so don't be too critical of it.

I will try to get .step files uploaded soon.
Dang, that's really nice!
Does it have any effect on insulation? no gaps left there?
No gaps and no effect on insulation, though there are some limitations right now. I know a lot of people, especially after Tap's release, are using 3mm foam tape to stand off their front panels. Unfortunately, I designed this months and months ago before I even knew about Tap. This can't be used on those printers that use 3mm tape on the front panels until I, or somebody else, design some new hinges specifically for the 3mm foam tape. The LED strip carrier at the bottom/Top of the panel would work, but where the hinges pivot relative to the opening in the top of the legs is important to prevent any strain on the wiring. This is on my list of things I want to do since I plan to replace my modified Afterburner with my Mantis Tap mod, but It's hard to find the time with two kids and a full time job.
Have you thought about integrating the hinge into your edge panel?
No, I haven't really considered that. I can try to integrate them if I can find the time, but I would probably need to slide the hinges to the ends of the panels and add a center hinge.
this looks really awesome. the black and green are a great combo. the laser etching makes me want to buy a laser.