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New VORON TAP available for sale in Europe


The New Voron TAP has been released and we have it immediately available for sale!
We prepared a top notch kit.

Voron Tap Probe Kit
- Stainless steel Rail Z1 preload
- N52 Magnets Made in German
- Octotap PCB rated up to 24v
- All screws, heatset inserts, washers, nuts are included.


Shipping costs starts at 8€ for all Europe
Voron tap is now stocked out.

1rst batch is over. Sales were a tremendous success and we ran out of rails.
2nd batch is also over. It will be dispatched probably on the 9th of december.
3rd batch will be available for sale when we dispatch the first 2 batches. we dont want to burn our house down and reputation
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