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Newbie to Klipper - needs help for pre-onwed Voron 2.4 printer


New member
Hi Everyone, I'm not new to 3D printing, but I've never used Klipper.
I have a pre-owned Voron 2.4 which I bought a while ago and it's just sat there, collecting dust, because I don't know how to set it up (software wise).
Is there anyone who can help me get going?
Either live near Peterborough (UK) or willing to video chat to watch over my shoulder as you show me what to do.
Thanks in advance
P.S. I've never used a raspberry PI either.
You have quite the exciting road in front of you, friend!

I suggest starting here: https://github.com/th33xitus/kiauh

in a nutshell, go out and buy a new micro SD card for the pi.
Use Raspi Imager to set it up (click on the little gear will let you pre set your wifi credentials and login info, as well as enable ssh.
Once it's flashed, throw it in the pi, boot it up and you should be able to login to it via ssh via terminal if on a Mac or Putty if on a PC (if on linux, you should know what to do, lol)
From there follow the instructions on the KIAUH GitHub to install Killper, Moonraker, and Mainsail.
That will get you able to load Mainsail up in a web browser and then start loading the configs that make your printer work.
(That's its own ball of fun, but at least you'll have a software base of operations to work from)
After what robrob said.... and you get a mainsail webpage that works on your printer and the Pi is waiting to talk to the control board.....

Trace all wire and make sure they are done correctly. Nothing worse than frying something because of an improperly placed wire that you didn't do.

First I would disconnect everything that connects to 120VAC power. Power it up and check that there isn't any magic smoke.
Power down and unplug line voltage.
Hook up the 24VDC power supply, again check voltage out of the power supply.
Power down and unplug
Power up the main control board.

1) Download a <XYZ>.cfg that matches your control board from here: https://github.com/Klipper3d/klipper/tree/master/config

2) Then follow this guide: https://docs.vorondesign.com/build/software/configuration.html (which also has links to cfg files at the top.)

You will want to trace all the hardwires from steppers, sensors, etc. the verify they are going to the right place on the board, then check your printer.cfg

Follow this guide.