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Start of self sourced 350 build - Frame question

Hi all.
As a father-and-son-project I´ve started to build a 350 Model.
While printing the functional parts on my Ender3 I was looking around for material sources.
I found out that I can not order @ Misumi as a private person here in Germany. I have to have a own business as they are a b2b company.
At my workplace I have the possibility to get the aluminium profile (drawing attached) for a very very low price.
But as you can see there is a "shoulder" of around 0,5mm next to the groove.
Now my question: Will this work?
I know for the blind joints I have to use 6mm screws...

Thanks in advance JörgProfil.jpg
Thanks for the resellers list.
Yes, the Bosch Rexroth is the profile we use at my workplace.
I´m aware I have to use M6 bolt for connecting these.
I´m a big fan of DIY, so I will not buy a frame set. It also saves me 80 Euros.
You may need to tweak some of the prints so that the slot on the printed part fully engages with the slot on the extrusion. The hammerhead nuts will also need to be sourced to fit that profile, but Bosch makes that stuff in M3 size.