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Self sourced 2.4r2 350 build "K-2SO"

I think it´s time to start my build log...

As a father-and-son project I recently started building my 350mm 2.4r2 direct drive.
It will be completely self sourced.
I see the project as a mid-term project. We have set a deadline from now + 6 months.
I already have some experience in 3d printing things, but never built a printer before.
My actual work horse printer is my slightly modified Ender 3 which is printing the functional ABS parts for the Voron at the moment.
I´m a DIY enthusiast and electronics technician and that´s why I want to do all the wiring and crimping and soldering by myself.
I also want to keep track of the costs, including shipping and energy/ filament costs. I want to know a final result for that.

I´m thinking of this setup:
* Umbilical cord with ebb36 / only slim Z drag chain
* Octopus board
* E3D V6 Hotend
* Physical switches for end stops
* 5" Touch instead of mini
* tbc...

I will post updates regularly, but maybe not very frequently.
Please let me know If you see I´m doing anything wrong.

Cheers, Jörg

Here some pics of my work horse printing the Voron parts.


Isn't a printer project like a project car? You never, ever add up all the receipts! :LOL:

It should be a fun project, I just finished a father-daughter build of a V0.2 and it was a great experience for both of us.

Why the V6 hotend? There's nicer ones many of us are using these days. Revo, Dragon, Rapido.
To be honest I didn´t dig into hotends too deep.
I was thinking the V6 is meant as a kind of "standard" for the 2.4
What means "nicer ones"?
So far I had a look at the Revo six and the Dragon but i got confused and didn´t know which one to take.
And the Rapido? Looks nice.
Where are the differences? Sorry for asking but I still use the stock hotend on my Ender3...
I have Revo on all my printers now. It has a custom ceramic heater that heats up really fast. The nozzle has the heat break integrated and is a one-hand, no-tool arrangement. Swapping nozzle is stupid easy. Rapido is a high flow hotend; looks like it also has a form of cylindrical ceramic heater and uses a more V6 style nozzle. Dragon is closer to the classic V6 but with some positioning pins to strengthen the link from the classic block heater and heat sink. "Nicer" is just my impression & opinion.

I haven't messed with Dragon or Rapido because I've been plenty happy with my Revos. I'm not chasing super-fast prints so I'm not worried about the flow rate.

My impression is those three are now the more popular ones to put on the printers these days. Nothing wrong with a classic V6, but I think why not take advantage of more recent design development. Just some food for thought.


If you decide to go with Revo, go with the Voron edition with the heatsink designed by the Voron team & optimised for the Stealthburner. The Revo Six is aimed at updating printers such as your Ender.
Ok, I was reading around the whole day and I believe you are absolutely right, why not take advantage of more recent things.
I liked the Rapido much, but the Rapido V2 has detachable heating unit and sensor. This could be exchanged in case of failure.
I decided to go with this one.
Thanks for the ideas.
I have already printed the front part of the stealthburner for this one.
Cool. That is one thing I've liked about Revo. It's basically three main components: heatsink, heater core, nozzle/heatbreak. It's pretty easy to swap any of them out when needed.