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V2.4 with some 2040 size extrusion.


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If nothing else, I think this looks better. The frame is also twice as stiff and there is more room and possibly better cooling for the electronics and some more room for a CAN cable on top. None of the printed parts are modified.

I want to try closed-loop motors with a 36 or 48-volt power supply. More room on the bottom is good, and as said, I think it looks better. What do you all think?

Next, I want to address the problem of a TAP-modified Stealthburner hitting the front doors. I think I should move the doors about 10mm forward. This will require changes to the side extrusions and side skirts to make them 10mm longer. The gantry would remain unchanged.

MOD_Voron_2.4r2_Assembly v6.png