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1st time building a Voron - LDO Trident 300


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Very excited to do my 1st Voron build.

1st thing to be delivered was the side panels.

Clearly not the 1st LDO Trident build log on here, but hoping to get some feed back along the way and advice is always welcome.

Is it bad that I have made a basic mod 4 weeks before I even ordered the Trident?
As my eyes are not the best these days made a mount for a BTT Pi TFT70, might not be for everyone but at least it is at a 30 deg angle...


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Thanks I got my inspiration from the mount for the LDO supplied screen. So It's a remix based on the Touchscreen Mount for BigTreeTech Pi TFT4.3 which is a remix based on the Waveshare 4.3 touchscreen mount by jeoje.

For the 300mm Trident I just used the 250mm skirts and it just fits. Still needs a few tweaks.

Still needs a few little adjustments.


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Day 1
The main parts for the LDO kit arrived today, woohoo

Spent far to long looking for the BTT duck, maybe the Octopus doesn't have one. :/
One of my kids found a octopus we printed ages to to make me feel better.

Made it to page 21, frame is together and all squared up.

Finally a real photo, been waiting months for this moment.

Hopefully the functional printed parts will be here early next week, which is way sooner then expected so pretty happy about that.

At the moment the colour will be Polymaker abs Grey and Polymaker abs Red.

Interesting part about this LDO kit, I don't have to mess up the red glue stuff for the heater bed, it's bolted on.

I guess I will start prepping the linear rails over the weekend.


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