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Hartks trident 300


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Figured I'd start a build log of the trident I just started building

  • Frame - LDO Space Grey
  • Main - Paramount Graphite Grey
  • Accent - Atomic Neon Green

This is a pretty custom build using the plate system from DoubleT

Here was the initial rendering of the idlers to determine what they were going to look like

After they have been installed...it's turning out awesome, these gantry plates are really nice

The AB drives are also installed in a similar fashion. 20230627_160444.jpg

Have to stop there as I'm still waiting on more parts for the build but I'll update as soon as I can 👍🏻
Ordered. I know Fabreeko is going to be releasing some soon but not sure on the time. Where are you sourcing the bling hardware?
AliExpress has all those green washers , they come in a variety of colors and styles
Slowly remaking all the main trident parts with the low poly "Stealthy" aesthetic , z carriages turned out nice

Even tho its got stock skirt corners on it right now it's going to have a new Stealthy skirt installed eventually

20230706_065029.jpg20230706_065635.jpgxy joints finally showed up, I ran out of colored washers to so the other side is missing them, I've got more on order so I can get this finished up hopefully soon