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V0.1 Klipper Expander Mount & Cable Duct

Kyle 🇬🇧

Voron Owner
Still figuring out GitHub so for now it's on Printables - Here

Cable duct for Voron V0.1 that houses the Klipper Expander.

Klipper Expander allows you to add additional functionality to your V0 / V0.1 when using an SKR Mini or SKR Pio board.

I'm currently using it for another NeoPixel plug and a thermistor for the chamber.

It's mounted to the rear panel using VHB

The Expander is held in place with 2x M3 bolts

Lid is held to the base with 4x M3 bolts

You'll need 6x Voron standard Heated Inserts M3 x D5 x L4

I've printed in Prusament ASA using Stock Voron Settings, can't imagine it needs to be ABS though as it doesn't get hot.

Model is 160mm x 40mm

Klipper Expander by Timmit99


Ali Express Klipper Expander


M3 Inserts


The rear panel that covers only the top of the printer to keep the enclosure sealed is here:


Don't forget to help a guy out and post your makes (and you serial number). V0.1848 here