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Doomish 300 Belted Trident


I like the look of the DOOM printers but didn't need the extra panels. So this is my take on a Doomish trident with the following specs.
Converted 1.8 frame
Duet mini 5+ with a 1LC tool board
5" Paneldue display
Rama idlers
Whoppingpochard kinematic mount
Split electronics (mains on bottom control's up top)
Belted Z with R3D electronic brakes
Stealthburner with Tap
Nevermore MAX
Umbilical running to the top electronics bay
Custom upper and lower skirts
I know I'm forgetting something but it has the build has changed since the CAD work was done


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Stealthburner LGX moun with Duet 1LC tool board assembled


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Assembly slowed a bit as I finalized the panels and got them ordered. Top skirts are done along with the LCD and are temporarily mounted. Need to remove them to install the top panel. SB is done and started wiring still need a hotend and led's.


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Wiring just about done. Ordered some PCB's to wire the cooling fans in parallel. Still need to get a power supply to run the numerous LED's that are planed. Haven't decided on how to control said LED's yet.


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The 1LC tool board is complete. Was a bit fiddly to get some things plugged in would definitely be easier on a 2.4 have more room to get your hands in there.


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appreciate you posting your journey with this mod! a belted trident will be my next build! those stepper brakes are pretty slick saw them at errf last year!
Without gear box bed can fall after power off.

Please share files.
Sadly he is right. The brakes worked perfectly until I put that 305mm sq plate on it. That build plate weighs in at just under 8lbs and it just didn't have the torque to hold it.
So with the brakes out, working on a different geared design. Once it is up and running for a bit to make sure everything is working as it should I'll put the cad file up on github. With the nice weather it is just a little slow with the updates


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dang! thats a bummer... looks like you are sorting it out! i am using planatery nemas for my build they are pretty slick!

What size and thickness is your printbed?

I bought everything for belted gear (also 10 mm belts) and then read a lot. Looks like my heavy 355 mm print bed (maybe will be 450 in future) + 4mm glass will fell after power switch off even with 60 mm stepper motors.

People wrote that we need to use worm gears like in Chhogori (K2) Printer:


I don't know correct gear ratio for heavy voron printebed. Maybe 30 : 1.