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Voron Trident 300 build are H and E extrusions of different size but manual shows same size


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Trident 300
In the voron trident manual H and E are shown as same size but it seems like this holds true only for 250 build and not for 300 and 350 am I correct ? I am building a trident 300 and so I was bit confused so want to clarify this.so in a Trident 300 build , as per my interpretations of the trident web based configurator
  • H which is the extrusion which mounts on top of C extrusion is 330mm
  • E which is the X-axis extrusion which is where the extruder mounts is 380 mm
Hence here H is not equal to E Am I correct ?


adding more to this , got a nice answer on voron discord , adding this here as it might help some one with similar query

Answer is , YES they are different in 300 and 350 build and E is build size dependent.